Landlord Representation
7D is a very unique company in that it has a tremendous amount of experience leasing and working directly for a developer. In other words, 7D thinks like an owner and has the experience to evaluate opportunities for its third party listings with an owner's mentality. 7D is not just another broker, we treat our listings as if the shopping centers are our own.

Tenant Representation
7D is as equally capable of representing the Tenant side of a transaction as it is representing a Landlord. With the experience of working directly for a developer, 7D is able to quickly identify a location that suits the needs of its client and is especially competent in negotiating with Landlords on the Tenant's behalf. Our relationships with national, local, and regional developers only increases the speed and ease of getting a transaction completed and our Tenant client's open for business.

Property Management
Our team of property management specialists works closely with real estate owners and investors to develop and manage customized programs that focus on cost-efficient operations and tenant retention. Our proven programs and processes have enhanced property values, increased efficiencies, and eased the owner experience.

  • Building operations and maintenance
  • Property accounting and financial reporting
  • Contract management and lease administration
  • Product marketing and leasing

Build to Suit
Although 7D is a young company, we are constantly looking for opportunity. We have the experience and wherewithal to provide all of your Build to Suit needs.

7D is actively developing its own shopping centers and we're constantly looking for new opportunities. If you have a site, please send it to us for review.

Investment Services                                                                                                                                                                        7D provides advisory services to buyers and sellers primarily focused on net lease and multi-family investments.